5 Dental Products I Can’t Live Without

Warning: The following post may not seem very exciting to you unless you are working in the dental field, but if you would like to read, be my guest.

I love trying new dental products. While many dentists that have been practicing for years tend to stick to what has been working well for them the last decade or 2, I am constantly searching for new things that will make my work better and more efficient. There are so many dental products out there on the market, all claiming that they are the best and have fared awesomely in laboratory testing. As a practicing dentist, I find that it comes down to trial and error most of the time, when learning which products work well in your scope of practice. Many things such as bonding agents, composites, and cements are more difficult to assess over a short period of time, since you may not see the results right away or it may take some time to see how the work holds up. The following 5 products I can honestly say I use on a daily basis, and it did not take long for me to determine how much I enjoy using them. Please feel free to share some of your favorite products in the comments below!

1. Cosmedent Composite Instruments
There are many composite dental instruments on the market, but these come in a variety of shapes which make it easy to carve occlusal anatomy on posterior composites. For anterior composites, there are these great thin and flexible flat end instruments which make it easier to work interproximally. They have a titanium coated non-stick surface, which saves a lot of time and frustration when placing  composite resin.

2.  Clip by Voco
This temporary material is a great time-saver when your need to fill a cavity semi-permanently. Unlike IRM, which is messy, has an unpleasant smell and can interfere with resin bonding, this stuff has the consistency and handling of a composite, but light cures to a semi-rigid and flexible material. When it is time to remove it, it comes out very easily with a flick of an explorer. I like to use this for inlay preps, temporizing a tooth in between RCT/post appointments and to cover the implant screw prior to cementing a permanent crown.

3. Isolite
Since the only type of fillings we place these days are tooth colored and chemically bonded directly onto enamel and/or dentin, proper isolation from moisture is critical for the success of the restoration. More simply put: if your dentist is not keeping that tooth isolated when placing your filling, they’re doing it wrong! The most basic way to do this is the good old rubber dam, until isolite came along. Not only does it isolate the entire half side of the mouth that you are working on, but it also functions as a bite block, a high speed suction AND a light source (which can be turned on and off when you need a little extra working time). How’s that for efficiency? Occasionally I will go back and pull out the rubber dam for some cases where the patient cannot tolerate it, but 99% of the time, I always use the isolite when placing posterior composites.

4. Biscover LV from Bisco
This is a magical little bottle that can be used on almost any restorative surface to give it some shine and polish, and is probably my favorite product at the moment. Temporaries, composite fillings, indirect composite restorations. Bisco is a great company that is always coming out with new products to make the dentist ‘s life a bit easier.

5. TheraCal LC from Bisco
I consider myself to be a very conservative dentist. I try to avoid root canal treatment in patients whenever possible. Theracal LC is a calcium silicate liner that is resin-modified and can be placed under composite fillings.
I like to use this if I have a preparation that is close to the pulp and I want to minimize post op sensitivity, or if occasionally there is a minimal pulp exposure as a direct pulp cap. The calcium release properties stimulate secondary dentin bridge formation, helping prevent the need for root canal treatment.

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