Beach Scenes


It is officially spring break season for all you lucky students out there. The time of year to relieve stress, and get that extra dose of Vitamin D that you might be craving after a long winter. I would love to be able to prescribe a vacation along with a night guard to all my tooth-grinding patients, but taking time out to travel is a luxury not everyone may be able to afford. Wouldn’t it be great if a note from me would get you off the hook from work for a few days? In any case, a little daydreaming never hurt anyone.

There are 3 types of beach vacations I have been on, as depicted in the photos above. The first column is the closest option, showing beaches in Fire Island, New York; Ogunquit, Maine, and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Column number two has one beach in Aruba, and 2 in Mexico ( Riviera Maya and Cancun). The third column is clearly the most intriguing, but also shows locations that were furthest away. From top to bottom we have Langkawi, Malaysia; Puntarenas, Costa Rica and Phuket, Thailand.

These days, when choosing a beach destination, I tend to avoid staying in mega-resorts if possible and opt for small boutique hotels instead. The hard part is finding ones that have great service and food, but are not ridiculously expensive. In the summer, it is great to have the option to drive to the beaches in New England or even Long Island, but this time of year you need to fly somewhere warm. Although the beaches in Thailand were the best I have encountered, the flight is too for a long weekend  getaway that I am currently trying to plan. What are some of your favorite beaches/hotels that you have had the pleasure of staying at and how far would you travel for the ultimate beach experience?


4 Comments on “Beach Scenes”

  1. Depends on your definition of ultimate… our lovely beach is under ice right now, but does offer polar swim opportunities all year long.🙂
    Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.

  2. […] you have been reading this blog, I have been hinting at how I am in serious need of some beach time. Since I was unable to get away for an entire week, a short flight was essential to make this trip […]

  3. […] week my husband and I decided to stray away from the usual beach + hotel combo for a warm weather vacation. We went on the Coachella Cruise, which was basically a music festival […]

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