NYC Subway Public Health Ads

In the fast few years, I have been noticing quite a few public health ads on the subway. I think they are fantastic and I am so proud to live in a city that recognizes the importance of educating it’s citizens about the benefits of eating well. I can definitely see however, that they may be subject to occasional criticism. These ads are direct and their messages are anything but subtle.

I am not a very political person, but this is an election year and I wanted to shed some light on an issue that I believe is most important. Everyone deserves access to healthcare, but it needs to start from where these ads are coming from. Americans need to be educated on the dangers of eating poorly and living a sedentary lifestyle. We live in a free country and can do as we please, but our eating habits need to change, or providing high quality, reliable healthcare to everyone will never become a realistic possibility.


One Comment on “NYC Subway Public Health Ads”

  1. […] way. This Chicago ad has gotten some attention in the media today. I believe that the public needs dramatic images and words to get their attention, but sometimes these statements seem too dramatic, even for me. Eating a hot dog at a 4th of July […]

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