Friday Happy Hour: Winter Citrus Cocktail

I love cocktails. They remind me of summer and vacations. I rarely have them in the winter because there is something about cold weather than makes me want to drink red wine and eat red meat. This past weekend I got bored of  wine and decided to try making a cocktail from the blood oranges I have seen popping up in grocery stores and markets during this time of year. I was also inspired by this post.

Although this may not come as much of a surprise, I try to keep the sugar content of my cocktails to a minimum. There is nothing I hate more than being served some neon colored “girly” drink at a bar, and having it taste like a melted lollipop. Besides the high cavity factor, combining sugar and alcohol will make that next day hangover much worse. Using fresh squeezed juice in your cocktails will increase the flavor, limit the sugar content and make them that much more special.

I was also dying to try this vodka from Moscow I received as a gift.

Winter Citrus Cocktail for 2:

6 Blood Oranges (feel free to substitute other types of citrus or mix and match)

Agave Syrup to taste (I ended up not using this, but you prefer something a bit sweeter agave is a great sugar substitute)

8oz Vodka

Squeeze citrus juice with a juicer (I got mine at Ikea for $5), combine with vodka and agave and serve over ice! Super simple. I was actually amazed at how the blood orange flavor masked the vodka taste, without being too sweet like a regular orange would be. If 4 oz of vodka  is a bit much for you, try 3 or 2, I just prefer to have a few strong drinks than a bunch of weak ones, which increase the sugar and calorie content for no reason! Enjoy and TGIF!

2 Comments on “Friday Happy Hour: Winter Citrus Cocktail”

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