Finding Fresh Food

As much as I love the convenience, I dislike the supermarket culture of America. All across the country, many people still consume processed foods on a regular basis. You cannot blame them, since it is cheap, fast, and readily available. If you choose to only stick to the produce section of the supermarket, you won’t have too many great options either. The selection tends to lack in freshness and variety, and you will find that a bag of apples will cost more than a box of cookies. Many of these processed foods that have an infinite shelf life are inexpensive, but they can do a lot of damage to your teeth and your health if eaten on a regular basis. Cookies, chips and snack cakes are loaded with fermentable carbohydrates that cause tooth decay. They also contain trans fats that can lead to coronary heart disease, a condition that has been linked to gum disease in research studies.

Here in NYC, there are definitely some options in terms of where to purchase your food. There is a greenmarket open in some parts of the city almost everyday of the week, as well as many specialty stores carry high quality meat and produce. My local neighborhood favorite these days is The Brooklyn Kitchen, and although the selection is small, you can find some great bread, high quality meat and some seasonal produce to turn into a fantastic weekend meal if you are into that sort of thing. If you are feeling extra fancy, check out Eataly. The selection gets bigger and prices are more expensive, but the quality of the food sold is great. A major downside of this place  is usually being packed to the brim with tourists.

When did buying great food become so complicated and expensive? Sometimes I wish our local “supermarket” looked like these pictures I took from the markets in Thailand. They are massive, everything is inexpensive and fresh, and the selection is abundant. If anyone has any favorite food stores in the NYC area, please share !

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